e.twinningS'ouvrir sur l'Europe en s'inscrivant dans une classe européenne virtuelle


Ce module s'inscrit dans le programme de Français de CAP  Thème 4 S'insérer dans la Cité - Cultures communautaires et mondialisation

Durant l'année 2015/2016, il  a été proposé aux élèves de Terminale CAP Métiers de la Mode du Lycée Danton de Brive de collaborer avec des élèves européens dans le cadre de la plate-forme e.Twinning.

1. Présentation du projet pédagogique


Ce projet consiste à créer une classe européenne virtuelle. Les élèves entrant dans cette classe à partir de septembre 2015 sont constitués par les élèves de la classe française et de la classe belge réunis. Ils forment une seule classe virtuelle inscrite sur la plate-forme de gestion e.Twinning. Une fois inscrits, les élèves de la classe franco-belge participent à différentes activités pédagogiques encadrées par leurs professeurs comme dans une classe classique. Ainsi, ils pourront former des groupes de travail, des groupes de recherches, des groupes d'activité au sein de leur classe virtuelle. Ils partageront leurs réalisations sur la plate-forme e.Twinning dédiée.

2. Présentation des Établissements scolaires participants

* Présentation de l'Athénée Royal de Saint Ghislain (Belgique)

Sur la plate-forme e.Twinning : https://www.etwinning.fr/decouvrir/quest-ce-quetwinning/la-plateforme-etwinning.html

Site officiel : http://www.arsaintghislain.be/     

Ville de Saint Ghislain : http://www.saint-ghislain.be/

* Présentation du Lycée Danton (France)

Ville de Brive : Accueil - Ville de Brive

Site internet officiel :  Lycée polyvalent Simone Veil (ac-limoges.fr)

Blog des Lycéens de Danton : https://lepetitobs.jimdo.com/   

 3. Présentation des professeurs de la classe


Carole PIRE - Professeur d'Histoire Géographie en Classe européenne - Anglais
Athénée Royal de Saint-Ghislain - BELGIQUE


Philippe BARBEY

Professeur de Lycée Professionnel

Lettres - Histoire/Géographie/EMC

Section d’Enseignement Professionnel

Lycée Polyvalent Danton - FRANCE

4. Présentation de la Classe de Terminale CAP Métiers de la Mode

Nous sommes neuf filles de 16/17 ans en classe de Terminale du Certificat d'Aptitude Professionnel - CAP des Métiers de la Mode. Cette formation se fait en deux ans. Nous passons notre examen au mois de juin 2016. Nous apprenons à fabriquer des vêtements pour enfants, des gilets, des pantalons, des robes. Nous faisons de la couture à la main et à la machine. Nous travaillons avec des modèles papier (patrons) qu'on nous donne ou que nous fabriquons nous-mêmes. Notre classe s'entend bien.

Ice Breaking Activity


Danton High school - FR : 9 pupils (CAP Mode FR - Level 1 ETEC) - Introduction to the Final high school class of the Fashion branch CAP

We are nine young women between 16 and 17 years of age. CAP is a special mention, it means Certificate of Professional Aptitudes (Certificat d’Aptitude Professionnelle). Our CAP Fashion work branch is completed in two years. We will be graduated on June 2016. We are learning how to make clothes for children and some pieces of garment like trousers, dresses or waistcoats. We learn hand sewing and mechanical sewing.  We work with patterns of paper that our teachers give us or some that we make ourselves. We work in a good atmosphere.

5. Présentation des élèves de la classe française

My name is Houaria BELHADJI. I’m 17 years old. I live in Brive la Gaillarde. I’m in the final high school class of Fashion branch CAP ” Vêtement flou”. I’m Algerian. I have a big family. I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers older than me. I like shopping. I love animals. I enjoy having fun but I’m quite a serious girl. In sewing lesson we work on making clothes and patterning it. I like sport and I like all sort of music and most of all body moving music.

JMy name is Amélie DUVERT. I’m sixteen years old. I’m in the final high school class of Fashion branch CAP. I like Fashion, clothes and shoes. It’s for that reason that I chose this branch. I was born in Grenoble the 27th of September 1999. I have two brothers. One is 24 years old and the other is 7 years old. I live with my mother in Brive. It’s a quite pleasant city and not too big not too small. I’m a hazel eyed brunette. I’m 1m73 of height. My  hobbies  are : spending  time  with  my friends and listening music, especially body moving music.

I’m Laure FRANGNE. I’m seventeen. I was born in France in Limoges city. I still live there so I take the train every Monday morning and Friday evening. I’m sleeping in the dorms of DANTON HIGH SCHOOL. I’m in the final high school class of Fashion branch CAP. I’ve got one big sister. She is 24 years old. I like listening music, some body shaking or another time more quiet.


Example willy William Te Quiero ou  Bébé Tu me manques.


My name is Erin MADRU. I’m in the final high school class of Fashion branch CAP_ “Vêtements flous”. I’m 17 years old. I like clothes and whatever is related to Fashion. I have a big sister who is 21 years old and a little brother who is 11 years old. I live in Tulle since three months. I’m a Danton High School Student and I’m sleeping in its dorms all the week’s night. I was born in La Rochelle just close to the ocean.

 I’m Atika MENECEUR. I’m from Algeria. I am seventeen years old. I’m  in final high school class of Fashion branch CAP “vêtements Flous” in Danton High School. I live in Brive la Gaillarde. I have 3 brothers : Ryan is 9 years, Amine is 7 years and Elyès is 5 years old. I like to go to Algeria to spend holidays with my family.

My name is Melissa OLOG. I am 16 years old. I’m in the final high school class of Fashion branch CAP_ “Vêtement flous”. I have one brother who is 7 years old. I have Turkish origins. I was born in France.  My hobbies are: Listening music and spending time with my friends. I dance a lot and it’s much more than a simple passion.

My name is Laurie POMPEE. I’m seventeen years old. I was born in France in the city of Périgueux.  Because I’m living near to Périgueux I need to take the train each Monday morning to come to school, and each Friday night to go back home. So I sleep in the dorms of the high school every week’s night. I have one brother of 22 years old and I like listening body moving music.


I’m Margot PONS. I’m 17 years old. I’m in the final high school class of Fashion branch CAP. I live in Brive. I’m in an onlychilded family so I don’t have any brothers or sisters. I like drawing ( mangas, portraits…), painting, listening music (rock, nu-metal, techno…).

I’m Anaïs VEILLAT and I’m an eighteen year old girl. I live in Objat in France. I’m in the final high school class of Fashion branch CAP in Danton High School, Brive. I live for the moment with my 43 year old mum and my 50 year old father in law. I have three little brothers. One is 9 years old and the others are twins of 5 years old. There is also my boy friend Benjamin who is 18 years old. In the morning, I wake up at 6 o’clock, take my bus at 10 past 7 in Objat to come to school. I like having parties with my friends and listening music.



6. Présentation de la classe anglophone belge

My name is Yasmine TALEB. I was born on 13 of december 1999. my grade is 5A options Economy, Math 6 Immersion. I really love sport. I've practiced swimming since I'm 9. I train 2h/ day but apart from swimming, I sometimes like running when I have some free time. Of course, with all of that, I love food. I love baking. I also like music. I do not play any instrument because I do not have enough free time. I listen to every type of music. But, at the moment I listen to rock, alternative music. Some of my favorite groups are : The Black Keys, Foals, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Circa Waves, and so much more... :)  I have a little brother, Sofian. He is 14. My mother is Czech. She is 44. She is accountant. My father, is Algerian. He is 56. He doesn't work because of medical problems. I also like to read. Some of my favorite books are Antéchrista from Amelie Nothomb, Si c'était vrai from Marc Levy, and a lot of others. Apart from reading, there is also TV. I often watch series. Some of my favorite ones are Gossip Girl, Revenge, Desperate Housewives, Mentalist,.. 


Hi, my name is Eva PICRON and I'm 17 years old, my birthday is on the 7th of September. I'm currently studying at the Athénée Royale of Saint-ghislain in the sciences-economy option, I'm in rhetoric. I have a little brother who is 10 and a sister who is 19. Towards my father, I have a stepbrother and a stepsister, so when we are all together we are 7 and most of the time this is very cool! Apart from this, I go to the dance twice a week also in Saint-Ghislain. As a sport I also like to run and I go to Sports Hall with my father, he is really athletic so we often train together. During the rest of my free time I like to see my friends, go to parties and do some shopping. Likewise, I often go to the cinema because I take an interest to films, notably to series. My favorite ones are Gossip Girl, New Port Beach, Vampire Diares and a lot of others. I evenly like to listen to music and to go to concerts, the rearmost I saw was Nekfeu about 3 weeks ago. I mostly listen to rap but I like to listen to every style, by the way, Mac Miller stays my favorite one.